Friday, February 3, 2012

Livable Norwalk's proposal for Seaview Ave adds bike lanes and on-street parking

There has been some discussion in the press today on how best to configure Seaview Avenue. Unfortunately, the issue has been misunderstood as bike lanes vs parking. (In fairness, that was my initial take too.) However, Seaview is plenty wide enough for both parking and bike lanes. We can build both.

In a meeting last week the Traffic Authority allowed one additional parking spot near the Mill Pond. We say make it six additional spots and build bike lanes too!

Below is Livable Norwalk's proposal. We hope it can be a blueprint for a Seaview Avenue will work better for businesses, residents and cyclists.

Seaview Avenue in front of the East Norwalk Yacht Club
Currently Yacht Club and Overton's customers park their cars front-first. If the Yacht Club instead had parallel parking, there would be space to have bike lanes plus six new parking spaces across the street
The owner of Mr Frostys has generously agreed to give up some curbside spaces. New spaces would be created in front of Sign Smarts and Harbor Lights.
This unattractive and dangerous field of asphalt will be better used as parking and bike lanes
So, on behalf of the many Norwalkers who enjoy riding our bikes to the great restaurants on Seaview, let's put down the war drums and smoke the peace pipe.

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  1. I hope they restore the sea-side drive avenue. It will be a relaxing drive towards the boat yard if ever.