Thursday, July 28, 2011

Norwalk wants bike lanes

The results are in from the Hour poll yesterday. The Hour wanted to know, "Should streets being repaved be striped to allow bike lanes?" and Norwalk responded with a resounding YES! The final result was just shy of 70% in favor. Is there a more popular initiative in this city?

I hope the DPW pays attention to this. Norwalkers want safe and beautiful streets that improve property values and make our town a great place to live. We say so every time we get the chance. Let's see big projects that show DPW shares our priorities.

Coincidentally, Streetsblog today shared the results of a Quinnipiac poll asking New Yorkers whether they support bike lanes. New York's support is at 59%. So, congrats Norwalkers, we're out-polling New York! Who says the burbs are only for cars?

Friday, July 15, 2011

New, more dangerous on-ramp opens

Good luck to the pedestrian and cyclist bravely trying to cross our newly widened onramp. State law says the cars in the picture should yield, but it's hard to yield at 50 mph. Credit: David Gurliacci, Norwalk Patch
David Gurliacci from the Norwalk Patch put it best: "The new on-ramp looks very much like the old one, but wider."

While the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency has just completed a major study on how to build better pedestrian connections between the north and south of I-95, the Norwalk Department of Public Works has made that connection more dangerous. Specifically, a newly uncrossable on-ramp to I-95 and route 7 has been opened.

When the inevitable pedestrians and cyclists get hit, the maniacs who designed this will call it driver error. Cars are supposed to yield, but it's hard to yield at 50 mph.