Thursday, March 3, 2011

Connectivity Lives

The Norwalk Connectivity study, dormant since last spring, has been reanimated after shuffling around the consulting team. At a meeting for the bicycle/pedestrian working group this morning, there was considerable energy for planning not just long-term infrastructure, but also short-term improvements we can deliver right now.

The short-term priorities that I emphasized were
  • Sharrows along the Crescent/Harbor/Commerce route between SoNo and Wall Street
  • Improving pedestrian access to the New Haven-bound side of South Norwalk station
    • Of the 2800 people that use the station each weekday, fewer than 1000 park cars. Many of the rest are using the crumbling narrow sidewalk that leads to the east side of the station.
I also directed attention to the need for a connection between the walkway on the I-95 Yankee Doodle Bridge and the Norwalk River Valley Trail, near the transfer station. Such a connection would shave 13 minutes off a walk from South Norwalk to East Norwalk.

There will be meetings with the consultants next week and a public hearing should be held later this month.