Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Operation US-7

Thanks to the success of Operation Courtyard, I've expanded to operation US-7. Nobody should be forced to walk in the roadway of US-7, especially when the responsibility for clearing the sidewalk lies with a large business like the Hilton Garden Inn or the Tuscan Oven--businesses that, by the way, have immaculately cleared parking lots.

I have placed calls to both the Hilton Garden Inn and the Tuscan Oven this morning. While friendly, both indicated a reluctance by their management to clear the sidewalks. At the Hilton Garden Inn, the person at the desk was sympathetic and said she would pass on the request, but that I shouldn't get my hopes up. The Tuscan Oven disputed whether they even have a sidewalk. (They do, as a Google Streetview image clearly shows.)

This is Day 1 of operation US-7. How long before we can walk without being forced into the street?

Update 2/3/11: It's Thursday morning, Day 3, and the crew have arrived. The poor guys have nothing but shovels though. C'mon contractor, can't you round up some heavier sidewalk-clearing equipment?

Update 2/4/11: The Hilton guys did a great job.
I also spoke with facilities manager Gus from the DMV this morning. He said he would get a crew out to shovel their sidewalks. Now the only sidewalk gap in this stretch of US-7 is the Tuscan Oven. Tuscan Oven, it's time to step up and do your part.