Monday, May 24, 2010

Make Gregory Blvd a bicycle corridor to the beach

This week, Gregory Blvd will be repaved and then restriped. Gregory is the road that leads south from East Norwalk to Calf Pasture fact, it's the primary access route to the beach. It's a natural bicycling corridor, however its current configuration is far from ideal.

Given the volume of traffic on the road, it makes sense to establish a safe space to bicycle away from the travel lanes. The best solution would be to eliminate parking from one side of the street and use the space to add bike lanes, but this might require all sorts of analysis and process and the restriping is happening now.

The solution that can happen is striping shoulders on Gregory Blvd. Striped shoulders make Strawberry Hill Ave and West Rocks Rd comfortable places to bike. They can do the same for Gregory Blvd.

This decision is being made now. DPW, please give us a cycling corridor to the beach.

Update 7/15/10: Just received word that striped shoulders will be added to Gregory after the repaving work is done! Thank you DPW!


  1. David, your post about increasing biking on Gregory Blvd (which I support) is completely at odds with your support of the Seastreak Ferry from Norwalk to Martha's Vinyard (which you posted on facebook). The traffic on Gregory Blvd (and East Ave) will increase significantly and make Norwalk Unlivable! Nothing good can come of this ferry squeezing into a spot meant for kayakers and smaller boats. I bet that the buffoons at norwalk zoning never cared to ask how the noise and CO2 pollution as well as the traffic caused by such a service would impact the area. Tell them we will not tolerate such a disaster.

  2. I agree that Cove Marina isn't the ideal location for the ferry. I would have preferred SoNo--generating restaurant business and allowing Metro-North riders to connect to the ferry. I sent a note to Seastreak to that effect as well. I'm assuming that the docks around SoNo are not big enough to host the ferry...although I don't know that for sure.

    Also, like you, I'm not wild about generating more traffic on Gregory and Calf Pasture Beach Rd. But I figure the 75 cars once a week isn't much different than when they have a run or a go cart rally at the beach.